It is always tempting to look at the latest homewares and spruce up your place, but ouch, it can certainly take a hit to the bank account.

If you are eyeing off some of the this year’s hottest trends, grab one of the larger trollies when you head to Coles this week – their new ‘Best Buys’ range has got you covered.

From the 9th of April, selected stores across the country will be stocking bits and bobs for your places such as planter pots, candles, ottomans, photo frames, lamps and rattan baskets. Every collection needs SOMETHING in rattan!

If you need something to display your new items on, Coles has a gorgeous marble side table for $49.99.

Speaking of $49.99, you won’t find anything in the range that exceeds this price. If you feel like treating yourself, the supermarket will be the perfect place to whip out your wallet and bring some goodies home.

Find more about which stores are participating and the full range here.

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