A blind golden retriever now has his very own guide dog… and best mate! 

When eleven-year-old Tao lost his eyesight last year, his owner set out to find him a friend, in the form of 16-week-old Oko!

The pair are now best friends and refuse to leave each other’s side.

“Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma – a common eye condition where the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain, becomes damaged – when he was 10-years-old,” his owner Melanie Jackson explained to UNILAD.

“Five hours later, he was blind and his eye was removed.”


The courageous dog had his second eye removed in January 2020, which meant that he would need some extra assistance.

That’s when little Oko entered the picture – giving Tao a new best friend, and most importantly, confidence!

“But I just felt like he needed a buddy to help him and play with him now that he can no longer see.

“We got Oko from the same breeder at eight-weeks-old and they have formed the sweetest bond.

“Tao follows him around the fields and they sleep with each other.”

“We are in the process of training Tao to follow Oko so he doesn’t get in the way of any danger.”

What a beautiful pair!

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