A school in Perth is in hot water after its principal stopped students from being able to bring cupcakes and lolly bags to celebrate their birthday. 

Arbor Grove Primary School sent out a letter to parents saying the celebratory snacks would no longer be allowed due to “health and cultural reasons”.

Those who brought in the unhealthy food items would reportedly have it confiscated and returned to at the end of the day.

“Whilst teachers at Arbor Grove are happy to celebrate the birthdays of students in the classroom, we must do so in the most inclusive, practical and appropriate way,” the letter reads.

“During our deliberations we have been mindful of the increasing number of students with food allergies and intolerances, the cultural diversity of the school and the beliefs and traditions of these cultures.

“As of Monday 17 February we would ask that parents no longer send students with cupcakes, lolly bags or other unhealthy options for students to share with their classmates for their birthdays.”

Arbor Grove Primary School (Facebook)


The letter has been met with criticism, with some parents claiming they should have been able to vocalise their opinion on the ban before it was made official.

“Why didn’t they ask the parents to vote?” one parent wrote.

Another added, “So it’s okay to sell soft drinks at a school disco for fundraising but not ok to bring a cupcake to school for a birthday.”

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