The National Cabinet is due to meet today to discuss how Australia will begin to ease restrictions at get back to normal. But it doesn’t look like NSW will be making anymore changes for the time being, and definitely not in time for Mother’s Day this weekend.

While some states may see restrictions eased as early as this weekend, it’s up to each individual Premier to decide what is best for their state, and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has expressed that she will be taking a cautious approach.

Speaking with Jonesy & Amanda this morning, Gladys told us that “we don’t want to rush” easing the restrictions, but clarified what exactly the restrictions are for Mother’s Day.

When Jonesy asked whether he can invite his mum over, Gladys advised against it, given his adult children and their partners will be visiting.

“If you had eight people living in a household, you can have two people and their kids see you. If you are going somewhere else, it’s two adults and any dependent children under 18.”

Gladys explained that she understands that everyone is going a little bit crazy at the moment, and is very empathetic because she too lives alone and has felt the stress of that during this time.

But unfortunately NSW has to work diffidently to other states for numerous reasons and hopefully if we adhere to this, we won’t have to move backwards.


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