If you’ve been entering the lottery your whole life and coming up with nothing there might be a simple reason for that.

You might have just been buying the tickets in the wrong places.

Okay, maybe that’s not the best advice, but when it comes to striking it rich with lotto, there are some places in Australia that just seem a little bit luckier than others.

A small town in Western Australia has been revealed as Australia’s luckiest postcode, where locals have collected the highest average lottery wins in the country over the last two years.

The title of Australia’s second luckiest city went to Birkdale in Queensland while five postcodes around New South Wales fleshed out the top 10.

So if you believe that luck or fate or murky statistics might be standing in the way of your next lotto win, you might want to jump in the car and head to one of these places before you fork out for your next lottery ticket.

Australia’s top-10 luckiest lottery places:


10. Hope Valley, South Australia

9. Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia

8. Tanilba Bay, New South Wales

7. Singleton, Western Australia

6. Auburn, New South Wales

5. St Leonards, New South Wales


4. Concord West, New South Wales

3. Saint Marys, New South Wales

2. Birkdale, Queensland

1. Bulgarra, Western Australia


Gamble responsibly.

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