Australia’s efforts to combat COVID-19 have been largely snubbed by the international community in a global survey on nations’ responses to the pandemic.

Australia ranked a lowly 11th in the Global Soft Power Index, in which countries were given scores on how well they handled their econonmies, health and wellbeing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

75,000 respondents from both the general public and speciailised areas ranked countries in key areas by responding that they had “handled it well” or “handled it badly”.

Germany’s response to the virus was declared a bigger success, despite its 26,000 deaths, including 10,000 over the last month.

New Zealand was perceived to have handled the pandemic the best, 25 deaths have been recorded in the now virus-free country.

Meanwhile, the United States was seen to have handled the pandemic most badly, ranking last in the survey after a horror year in which it has recorded more than 18 million cases of COVID-19 and over 325,000 deaths.

Germany polled fifth on the survey rankings, with the country’s National Pandemic Plan lauded for focusing the country’s control of the virus.


However, the European country’s most recent wave of the virus has seen around 500 deaths every day with more than 30,000 new infections being notched up on some days.

Australia has recorded 908 deaths since the pandemic began, with over 28,000 infections recorded.