Which of all the values parents hold dear gets tested the most do you think? … PATIENCE!

But we’re adults, we have the capacity to control our emotions, certainly a lot better than our temper tantrum bundles of joy.

A leading parenting expert Maggie Dent (a show favourite) has shared her simple two-second trick for calming down an angry child, and she promises it will work every time.

Are you ready for the tip?

Ask a question! AKA “A distraction.”

This works because it distracts them and gets them to “focus on you rather than what is making them angry”.

When parents step in and give a simple, calm distraction it gives your child the chance to stop and calm themselves.

Other good distraction techniques include giving children something else to do, whether it’s a new toy or game or a change of scenery in a different room.

You could also change the activity or start singing a song to help distract them.

As much as these tips will typically work, some parents aren’t on board with the idea of “distractions,” saying we should let our kids “feel an emotion and process it,” or, “you [should] acknowledge that anger and sadness are valid emotions and not something to be scared of.”

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