An Aussie mum has shared a simple hack that has seen her family’s toilet paper usage decrease immediately.

With toilet paper still a hard-to-get item on some supermarket shelves, some people have been keeping a close eye on exactly how much toilet paper is (literally) going down the toilet.

The hack? Simple…Squash down the toilet paper before hanging it on the toilet paper holder.

It makes the roll harder to spin, meaning that you can no longer give the roll one big yank before tearing off a few too many squares.


Source: Facebook Group: Mums Who Budget & Save



The Perth woman shared the trick to Facebook group Mums Who Budget & Save, with some commenters in the group labelling the idea as “genius.”

While toilet paper is beginning to become slightly easier to buy, we still love any idea that saves on unnecessary waste.

Chalk this up in the “can’t believe I didn’t think of that” category of life hacks.

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