In a huge development for shoppers, supermarket giant Coles and food delivery service UberEats are now including food staples for home deliveries.

In January, Uber announced its Coles partnership that would allow their customers to order “ready-to-eat”, “ready-to-heat” and “grab and go” options from Coles in Pagewood.

Coles originally said they had no plan to deliver packaged groceries and staples through UberEats, however a new trial offering milk, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as desserts and snacks to customers at Coles in Bondi Junction, Leichhardt, North Sydney and World Square is now underway.

Both Coles and Uber have declined to comment.

Retail Oasis analyst Pippa Kulmar told SMH the higher cost of using UberEats would not put off customers.

“I think it would work very well in the inner city and when time is money,” she said.

“People are used to paying for convenience.”


“Supermarkets have had delivery for quite a while, and the issue they’ve had is it’s set up around ‘the big shop’ where you’d book a time days in advance,” she said.

“The way we shop at a supermarket has changed a lot. You tend to finish work, think ‘what am I going to make for dinner’, and then go to the supermarket on the back of that. It’s a game of speeding up delivery time, because the way we shop for food is much more impulsive than it used to be.”

“It’s a really high cost to entirely support the technology, platform and infrastructure to get goods that last-mile to the customer, and reduce the time it takes,” Ms Kulmar said.

“By partnering they can start to roll things out quite quickly and move in an agile manner. That’s the way of the future and what we’ll see with more traditional retail. It will be up to Woolies to come back with how they will play this.”

UberEats’ expect their delivery times of 25 to 45 minutes could potentially rival Woolworths’ promise of two-hour delivery through its Woolworths Express service.