Shoppers have begun raving about a new Kmart KETTLE and it’s all because it’s ’smart’.

The $65 kettle has Wi-Fi built-in, which means it can be controlled via your phone remotely.

As such, it means you could begin the kettle on your way home, or even better, from the comfort of your own bed.

Sharing her discovery in a Facebook group, a Kmart shopper said it was the ‘best $65 I have ever spent.’

“Connects to your smartphone so you can turn your kettle on while still in bed, just as long as there is water in the kettle,” the woman wrote in Kmart Mums Australia.

“You can adjust the temperature from your phone, (it’s) pretty quiet too.”


Other fans said that it was ‘bloody awesome’ and ‘I’m going to get one for sure!’

One woman went on to say “Now all we need is someone to make it and deliver it to the bedroom!”