A woman said she ‘cannot unsee’ a questionable small detail in a picture she bought from Kmart.

Tiktokker @monimooshroom uploaded a short vid of what she thought was a ‘beautiful’ beach scene print she got, which was put above her and her husband’s bed.

Then she noticed something.

The video pans across to the lower left corner of the picture and zooms in on what looks very much like a ‘dog nugget’.


I cannot unsee 🙈 #kmart #kmartfinds #kmarttiktok #kmartmums #kmartaustralia #kmartfail

♬ dire dire docks – Angela

Thing is, she wasn’t alone.


In the comments were plenty of others who had the same print and the same… feature.

“I just went and checked mine, lol,” wrote @nursemum2021, adding that the apparent dog poop was on her print and “must be on all of them.”

Another said “noooo, the motel I last worked at had this in some of the rooms.”