A range of laundry detergent capsules are the latest to have a big red risk warning slapped on the front, after a new study warns it could cause serious eye injuries.   

The brightly-coloured packets can often be mistaken for toys or sweets to children and when squeezed, the tabs can burst and the liquid can leak into the skin.

Mother Simone Jones, was horrified to find her 18-month-old daughter, Rainbow screaming in pain when an Ariel Liquitab burst in her hand, burning her eyes.

She said: “I had just turned my back just to turn their food over in the oven and in a few seconds I heard this huge pop and then screaming.”

Unfortunately, doctors were able to save Rainbow’s sight.

In the hope that other families can avoid the same dangers, the mum-of-two posted images of her daughter’s horrible injuries online.

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