While mobile phones have become a standard part of modern living, it appears most of us aren’t keen to use it for it’s most basic function, making and receiving calls.

Deloitte have released details from a survey they undertook last year which found that 89 per cent of Australians own a smartphone and 96 per cent own a phone of some kind.

BUT that doesn’t mean we are actually using our phones to speak to friends and family.

Deloitte surveyed 1911 mobile users aged 18 to 75 and discovered less than half used their phones for voice calls every day and about one in eight used their phones for voice calls less than one a week.

Years ago the unexpected drop in on friends, neighbours or relatives was seen as no big deal, but then it became more common to “call first” to give people time to prepare for your visit.

Now it appears a similar mindset exists when it comes to simply accepting a phone call out of the blue.

More and more people now support a ‘text don’t call’ stance that started with “don’t leave a voice message, text me” now its ‘ text ahead to see if its okay to call!’


People have taken to social media to support sending a warning text before calling someone.

“Every time someone calls me without a warning text first it’s the worst thing in the world and I hate it with my life.”

“It makes me anxious and nervous and assuming someone must be dead or in hospital”

“My heart pounds when my phone rings unexpectedly. An unexpected message from someone I’ve not heard from in a while is a joy, but a phone call is an anxiety spike.”

“No no no no I don’t want anyone thinking it’s okay to do that to me. I don’t even answer my WIFE if she doesn’t text first.”

Do you think it’s fair to expect a text before calling someone you know?

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