If you’re a fan Swedish superstore IKEA, do we have some BIG news for you!

Their Tempe warehouse in Sydney is now offering HALF PRICE pre-loved flat packed furniture.

Under a new scheme, IKEA will buy back used goods from its customers, with shoppers given a voucher to spend on new IKEA furniture when they return items they no longer want.

Depending on the condition of the used goods, customers could earn up to half what they spent when they purchased them new.

The used furniture will then be displayed for sale in a bargain hunters section of the store.


Customers looking to sell their pre-loved IKEA furniture have to simply photograph the item and then fill out an online application.

IKEA then assess the goods’ condition and make an offer to the owner for how much they think its worth.

The customer will have to deliver their furniture to the store to redeem a voucher, which can be spent on anything of their choice – new or used.

IKEA’s sustainability manager Kate Ringvall told Nine News, ‘Anywhere from 70 percent of our customers want to recycle, they want to buy recycled furniture, they just don’t know how,’

The idea is being trialed at the Tempe store for six months before IKEA decide whether to roll out the scheme nation-wide.

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