Oprah’s organisation expert Peter Walsh explains the easy steps to avoiding a spring clean and how you can downsize the clutter in your home.

Peter Walsh is a noted international organization expert, TV personality, best-selling author, and, radio host who characterizes himself as “part-contractor and part-therapist”. 
Born in Australia, Walsh, now based in the United States, is a regular guest on’ ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ ‘as the “Get Your Whole Life Organized” guy.’ ‘ He is thrilled to be part of the launch of the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in January 2011 with his series’ ‘Enough Already! with Peter Walsh.’ ‘ As one of the “Oprah Friends”, Peter has appeared on’ ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ ‘numerous times, has contributed frequently to O Magazine, and has been a regular contributor to the O Magazine “Live Your Best Life” Weekends.

As well as being an expert in organizational design, Walsh is also an experienced educator and a skilled motivational speaker. Born and raised in Australia, he moved to Los Angeles in 1994 to launch a business helping organizations improve employees’ job satisfaction and effectiveness. His company, Peter Walsh Design, has helped thousands of people organize their living and work spaces for optimal efficiency and liberated living.

Check out more details on Peter at www.peterwalshdesign.com

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