If you live anywhere near Sydney the mere thought of purchasing your first home can give you a shiver down your spine.

It’s a goal we all have to own our own property and set up our family, but in the market here it’s not always possible for everyone to afford and we often find ourselves dreaming of the more affordable housing prices in other states.

That is unless you’re willing to compromise on a few things…

The cheapest home in all of Australia has just hit the market here in NSW with a mere $14,000 price tag, but there is a catch.

While the no mortgage angle of this home might seem appealing, don’t think you’ll have a white picket fence in the heart of Sydney… This “home” is actually a “partially developed” and powered man-made cave located in the outback of NSW in the ex-opal mining town of White Cliffs.


The cave, which has been carved into a rock face on a cliff, has been listed on Gumtree by the owner Jeffrey as a “unique opportunity” for buyers to get their hands on “your own underground home.”

The cave has water and power connected to the site and it also has five ventilation shafts to keep the area cool on hot days.

If you’re into gardening though this might not be the property for you…The area surrounding the cave is quite arid and dry and wouldn’t really sustain much life.

But the current owner thinks that the great potential of the property is that you can create wider living spaces as you need them.

“You can’t mine opal anymore but you can dig yourself another room and if you happen to find something you’ll be lucky,” wrote Jeffrey in the ad.


The small town of White Cliffs has had many disused mine shafts turned into underground style homes as a way to keep cool in the summer temperatures which usually exceed 40C.

The community is located just about 1,000km north-west of Sydney and about a 12 hour drive.

Fancy a change to the simpler life? It will certainly be a lot cheaper that’s for sure!

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