Warning: this article may make you feel sick.

An Aussie mum has absolutely revolted her Facebook feed after sharing a secret spot that is a favourite nook for cockroaches.

Rebecca said she’d heard about the location after her son and daughter-in-law deep cleaned their kitchen after noticing an increasing cockroach issue.

It was only when they closely inspected their dishwasher that they found scores of cockroaches scurrying around inside.

“Not a cleaning tip, more of an FYI,” Rebecca said on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page.

“If anyone has a cockroach problem and also has a dishwasher, try checking the bottom drawer of your dishwasher.

“My son and daughter-in-law were in a rental and couldn’t find where the cockroaches were coming from.”


“During a thorough clean of the dishwasher, they found a nest of hundreds of the little buggers.”

Disgustingly, many of the people commenting agreed.

“100%. A friend of ours had a two-drawer dishwasher – cockroaches were living in all the seals,” said one. “A common problem with the drawer ones apparently.”

Another Facebook user added, “They got into the door panel of mine and ruined the electronics, never even knew they were there till dishwasher stopped working.”

This truly is what nightmares are made of… please take this as a warning, and keep your dishwashers clean!!

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