An Aussie bride-slash-genius has made the ultimate wedding cake… using cheapo Woolies mud cakes.

Instead of forking out an arm-and-a-leg to feed her 90 guests, Mikaela Gattari and her sister-in-law Alicia Alan – whose exploits have gone viral on Facebook – purchased two Woolworths iced mud celebration cakes ($40 each), three regular mud cakes ($4.80) each and four packets of Queens ready-made buttercream ($3.25 each).

The total came to $107.40, and it looks AMAZING!

Alicia Alan (Facebook)

“She did the two tiers separately, crumb coated in buttercream and put them in the fridge in between,” her sister-in-law Alicia Alan wrote in the Facebook group, Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks.

“Then she did the final buttercream on the bottom tier, put the crumbed tier on top and finished off with buttercream icing.”

We are not worthy.

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