If there’s one thing we all love doing, it’s heading to Kmart and just walking around, maybe buying 50 things we didn’t need and then walking out.

But one American woman has uploaded her viewpoint about the shopping palace that is Kmart and said, ‘Overall I feel like Kmart is almost always lacking in stock. I feel like I see a lot of bare shelves.’

Which is fine because I probably bought all the stock..


Shopping in Australia 🇦🇺 Part 4 🙈 Apparently the Mecca of stores – let us all bow down to #kmart #fyp #americaninaustralia

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But then she said ‘I still like Target better than Kmart.”

And, well, Aussies weren’t happy, saying “Kmart is my babe. Target is just way too expensive and doesn’t fit the vibe check’ and another said “You’re wrong, Kmart is better.”


Either way, both have bargains galore!

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