Aldi has removed a product from the shelves of all its 500 Australian stores after a four-year-old spotted a mistake.

The German supermarket’s Learning Desk Mat, which was part of their 20th May Special Buys sales, features two sides of educational messaging.

One side is for the alphabet, the other is basic maths but that’s where the mistake is.

On the five-times table, it read  “12 x 12 = 60” but actually 12×12 is 144 but the placement was wrong, as it should have been 12×5 in that spot, which does add up to 60.

An Aldi spokesperson has apologised for the error, confirming it is in the process of removing the item from all its stores.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said “There are at least 144 reasons why this printing error on the Learning Desk Mat Special Buy is awkward. We agree, that 12 x 12 does actually equal 144. We take every effort in ensuring our products are of the highest quality and apologise to kids learning their times tables (and their parents) for this oversight.”

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