Every so often, I come across this old meme of a way super-oversized bed…

… and I’d simply think it was Photoshopped.

Turns out, those gigantic mega beds actually exist, and they have a name: the Alaskan King Mattress.

We’re talking a massive 275cm x 275cm square of mattress or, in the old scale, 9ft x 9ft.

Hoo boy.


Some places in the US make bed frames to fit these things, as well as special sheets to fit.


Online, opinion has never been more divided. People are either really into it, or really not.

“It would be fun to have. After family night we all crash in that lol”

“Not interested. Our animals do just fine at the foot of our bed. Not interested in sleeping with the entire family. Glad some people will enjoy this.”


“This is some weird S*#$T right there.”

“I want this… I mean only two people will be in it but you can actually roll over twice and have your own space and not fall out.”

“This seems horrific to me”

There was only one ‘orgy’ comment which is expected, but it was this comment that I found outrageously relatable…

“I want one. But I’m not sharing with anyone.”

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