A clip has thrown fresh eyes on a really common piece of playground equipment, and there’s no easy way of saying this but, we’d been doing it wrong this whole time.

The vid was reposted by @handsoffmyworks on Tiktok after it was originally posted last year, but due to an uptick in recent duets, it’s getting a second run on a lot of feeds.

Captioned #todayyearsold, it shows a bunch of kids playing on that corkscrew thing that’s a playground staple everywhere.

“I was today years old when I found out that’s how you’re supposed to play on that thing, like what,” she said.

“Like what, you spin? I’ve always climbed up it.”

@handsoffmyworks##todayyearsold♬ original sound – HandsoffMyWorks


And she’s totally not alone in thinking that it was just a kooky Dr Seuss ladder.

I mean, it didn’t come with instructions just, you know, wholesome imaginations… right? So it’s not wrong, right?

The original video got more than a million interactions and mostly two kinds of comments – either from those who were definitely realising their childhood was a lie orrrrr those who gloated ‘I ALWAYS KNEW THAT’.


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