A viral Tiktok has exposed us to truths we don’t know if we can handle…

The Tiktok posted by @threepointturner instantly put everyone in an existential crisis after filming an episode of Guy’s Grocery Games for 2017. The video shows the cooking god, Carl Ruiz (may he Rest In Peace), cooking potatoes in the mesh bag they come in.

After seeing this, someone asks “You’re supposed to boil them in the bag?!” and we just…we don’t know what to do! With 4.9m views, I don’t think we’re the only ones confused.

@threepointturnerHAVE I BEEN COOKING POTATOES WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE?!♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

If this is truly the way we’re meant to cook bulk taters then we have a few questions.

*Puts on investigator hat*


Is it safe to cook them in the mesh bag? In the comments, people are saying you can only boil the yellow or white bags but someone else said only specific red bags are designed for boiling.

From what we could find, the bags vary in what they’re made of and there’s no definitive colour that encourages boiling. But as we know boiling plastic releases toxic chemicals and will infuse in what you’re cooking.

So our non-professional advice: don’t boil the bags.

Thankfully in Australia they don’t often sell our potatoes in the mesh bags. But often oranges, limes and lemons are packaged in them, so probably don’t boil them either.

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