You may have sat around the table compared accents with people you’ve met on holiday, but it turns out Aussies can put a spin on even the simplest of words.

According to Melbourne social media user, Tiffany Krylov, Australians have been roasted for the way we pronounce the word ‘no’.

In a video on TikTok, Tiffany explains we tend to say it as though it has “two syllables.”

“And I mean I get it but you know what? I’m embracing it because the way that we say it is so much fun,” she exclaims.

The self-described ‘pronunciation queen’ also says the word much be said with “considerable inflection in the sound.”


Tutorial to sound like an Aussie 😎 #aussie #australia #pronunciations

♬ original sound – Tiffany Krylov


If you have been sitting there saying ‘no’ out loud to yourself, we don’t blame you – we can hear it too!

The clip has been viewed over 357,000 times and it had many Aussies noticing their accents for the first time.

“Aussie sitting here thinking… but you sound normal?” one viewer joked.

“Wait… I never noticed this,” another wrote.

“I had no idea it sounded so weird but I guess it really does omg,” a third added.

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