OK, we can’t make this up but, alongside the news that Perth Zoo reopened on the weekend, we just learned that there’s an Attenborough who works there.

“I’m sure no one has ever said that before,” Perth Zoo’s Executive Director Wendy Attenborough told us… of course referring to broadcaster, natural historian and international world treasure, Sir David Attenborough.

“No one’s ever suggested that, that’s amazing,” Wendy responded, dripping with good-natured sarcasm.

ANYWAY, jokes aside, Perth Zoo was one place that had to keep running on all cylinders despite being COVID-closed.

“Animals need to be looked after, fed and kept engaged and happy and healthy,” Wendy said. “Our team was still working very hard behind our closed doors.”

But it’s not just the staff that have been hard at it.

Guys, there’s currently a baby boom at Perth Zoo.


“We’ve been very busy, um, the animals have been very busy, while we’ve been closed,” Wendy said. “I can’t speak for the people but certainly our animals.”

There are new baby otters, gibbons and squirrel monkeys, which Wendy says are so much more active now than even a couple of months ago when they were just hanging with mum.

“Now they’re starting to leap about themselves,” she said. “I was watching them yesterday and they’re getting very very daring!”

Scroll down for some baby pics!