We’re always looking for ways to make grocery shopping easier and one customer has seemed to solve an issue that has bothered others for years!

A woman took to social media to share her genius idea that solved the problem she had when wanting to take drinks into the supermarket while she did her groceries.

After having issues “driving her trolley”, she discovered a simple solution – using a 600ml paint pot she had picked up at a Special Buys sale for $4.99 in February.

Not only did it have a suitable round cup hole, but it also featured a slot that was perfect for her smartphone.

It happens to hook perfectly onto the edge of the trolley cart, which makes it perfect for whipping around the supermarket without the risk of spills.

Shoppers were amazed, with one even declaring the woman as “the future leader of Australia.”


“We are not worthy,” a Facebook user wrote in the Aldi Mums group.

“I am buying one ASAP,” another said.

“This is what I need, I always spill my drink,” a third added.

It’s unclear when the paint pots will go on sale again, but with this conversation rising, we imagine Aldi could consider this feature on their trollies or at least a specific Special Buys accessory. It sounds like it could be popular!


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