Aldi are known for their beneficial product ranges (who can resist Special Buys?!) and now they have a new one that will do a lot of good for communities.

The ‘Market Buy’ range will feature seasonal fruits and vegetables with minor imperfections.

“The Market Buy range empowers farmers to sell more of their crops and avoid edible produce from going to waste,” Aldi said in a statement.

It is part of the supermarket giant’s commitment to send zero waste to landfill by 2025, with a plan to first focus on food wastage.

Other actions Aldi is taking includes a food rescue program which sees food sent to animals when it is deemed not suitable for human consumption and the roll-out of new uniforms for staff, with the old ones sent to a textile site to be recycled.

“Every present and future action taken to achieve our zero-waste commitment has been carefully considered to ensure the solution is both viable and impactful,” Aldi’s Corporate Responsibility Director Daniel Baker said.

“Our commitment will see the business reduce the amount of waste created and reuse or recycle materials to cease unnecessary waste from being sent to landfill. It is our intention that collectively these actions will make a difference.”