Aldi love throwing us a curveball with their weekly Special Buys, and it’s hard not to get excited about this one.

Out of nowhere the German supermarket has thrown up a 58-inch Ultra High-Definition Android TV.

And it’s only $669! See? Kinda absurd just how cheap that is.

Source: Aldi

Of course, it’s a cut-price telly, so you’re not going to have all the bells and whistles that you might expect to see with a Samsung or Sony, but if you don’t care about all that, you’re in business.

It does, however, come with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports an in-built Google Chromecast and its own headphone jack.

So it might not be the smartest Smart TV, but if you’ve ever used a Chromecast you’ll know it’s got pretty much everything you need.


The 4K TV goes on sale this Saturday 23rd January, but stock levels will vary between the stores.

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