AirBnB hosts across New South Wales and Queensland are offering free emergency accomodation to those affected by the horrifying bushfires.

The Open Homes initiative gives hosts the opportunity to offer residents or rescue workers (such as firefighters) temporary accommodation for free. As of today, over 350 hosts have volunteered their homes for emergency accommodation.

New South Wales mum Abbi Mieog is one of the hundreds of hosts who have opened their doors to those in need.

“Normally, I would consider joining SES but as a stay at home mum looking after two small children I don’t have much free time to go somewhere to help,” Mieog told SBS’s The Feed.

“If all spare rooms were made available in a crisis there wouldn’t be as much of a strain placed on emergency services, and I would hope that a little more money would then be available for recovery efforts.”

This isn’t the first time AirBnB has hosted the Open Homes initiative. It started in the US following the tragic 2012 Hurricane Sandy, and made its way to Australia in response to the 2018 Queensland bushfires.

To offer your home on AirBnB Open Homes or to book free emergency accommodation, click here.