We love a DIY home decor hack, especially when it involves a couple of Kmart items thrown together to make something even cooler.

An Aussie mum has shared her DIY Kmart bedhead to a Facebook group and people are very on board with how nice it looks.

The West Aussie created a rattan headboard using a couple of $69 products from Kmart.

Sophie wrote on a popular Facebook group about how she got the boho look for her bedroom, without the price tag.

The crafty mum took apart two of Kmart’s popular rattan room dividers, joining them together to form the makeshift bedhead.

And the best part, apart from the rattan screens, all you need is a couple of cable ties.


Sophie’s plans for the bedhead fit a Queen bed but she notes that it would also fit a King bed with a bit of a gap.

What do you think of the makeshift bed head? Would you make it for your room?

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