If you own a Kmart Air Fryer than you are one of many, many… many many people and the device has probably changed your life!

However, Air Fryer user Serene recently shared some unsettling news on popular Facebook group ‘Kmart Hacks & Decor.’

Serene shared a photo of a cracked stone benchtop claiming the heat from the bottom of her air fryer damaged her counter top!

“Just an FYI and warning!… Bought the big air fryer and have been loving it … till I noticed a big crack in my bench top”

“I didn’t realise the heat the air fryer made underneath and has now cracked my stone bench top!”

Photo Credit: Serene via Facebook Group Kmart Hacks & Decor

In what can only be devastating news, those stone countertops are not cheap!


Serene jokingly added the incident left her husband ‘quietly rocking in the corner,’ and we don’t blame him.

While the majority of comments were blown away this could happen, a fair few had some advice to share.

“Always put a chopping board under it,” someone commented, which I’m sure Serene wishes she knew before!

In the product’s manual, Kmart advises that the air fryer should only be used on a “stable, horizontal, flat and heat resistant” surface.

“Placing the air fryer on an insulated heat pad is recommended,” is also written there but WHO READS THE SMALL FONT?

Lesson learnt, thanks Serene for taking the hit for all of us!





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