A bride-to-be has revealed that she won’t be taking her partner’s surname for a very bizarre reason.

In a Reddit post, the woman said that she won’t be taking his name because her first name is the same as her husband’s surname, meaning that if she was going to, she would end up being referred to with the same first and last name.

While many can sympathise with the bride’s dilemma, she said her husband was annoyed at her decision as it breaks with ‘tradition’.

In the post, she said “I’ve been with my fiance now for four years we are very happy together.’’

“We will be married this year but there is one issue – my first name and his surname are the same. I know, what are the odds right? Well, here we are.

“When we first started to date, we laughed and made jokes about how ridiculous it is but never ever had a serious conversation.

“Now that things are getting serious, I think I want to keep my maiden name. Normally I would gladly take his surname, I have no problem with it.


“But I don’t want my first and last name to be the same so as a solution I want to keep my maiden name after marriage.

“When I told this to my fiance, he was visibly sad about it, saying that this surname stuff is really important to his family and he wants to share a surname with me.’

She went on to say that the decision had caused tension in the family and she feels like ‘an ***hole for not taking the surname and making a deal out of it. But I feel like I will not be comfortable with the same first and last names.”

Thousands have sided with the bride, with one saying the fiance is “If it is this important to the guy and his family that she change her name against her will, I see that as a big red flag.”

Some have sided with the fiance, saying “What’s the big deal? It’s fun and a conversation starter,” said another.

One person even asked “Anyone else curious what the name is? Morgan Morgan? Kelly Kelly? That’s all I got.”

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