New Year’s Eve is the PERFECT time for a proposal – there’s a countdown, there’s fireworks, the celebration is already happening, everything’s sorted.

That’s what one man thought when he planned to propose to his girlfriend – until his brother and sister-in-law spoiled the surprise ON PURPOSE!

The man took to Reddit to complain about the infuriating situation to explain that New Year’s Eve was the anniversary of the day he and his girlfriend first met.

But when he told his proposal plan to his brother, the brother and his partner thought to ruin everything because it was way too close to their December 21 wedding date.

They’d be ‘stealing the spotlight’.

‘My girlfriend and I met on New Year’s Eve 2017. We met at a party, got to talking, and kissed at the countdown. We’ve been together since,’ the man said.

‘I was planning on proposing to her on New Years this year. We were planning on having a night in and I was going to get on one knee at the countdown. I was really happy with the plan, it was all set, and then I told my brother.’


‘I explained the significance of New Year’s to me and my girlfriend and they insisted it was too close to their wedding for me to do it because I’d be stealing their spotlight, even when I offered to hold off on announcing it.’

He received several messages from his brother and his soon to be sister-in-law urging him to delay the proposal.

In one of  the messages, the brother said that his bride is pregnant – and that they wanted to announce it on New Year’s Eve.

Eventually, on December 16, days before the brother’s wedding, the bride got in contact with the Redditor’s girlfriend.

‘[My future sister-in-law] contacted her and told her my plans,’ he said. ‘I’ve never had a problem with sister in law before this, but I do now.

‘I was really looking forward to the proposal I planned, but a part of the excitement was seeing the look on her face when I surprised her.


‘I don’t want to be some whiny crybaby and throw my toys out the pram over this but I hate that my plans got spoiled.’

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