On Christmas Eve 2019, the West family’s world was shattered after learning their loving, vibrant and energetic young boy had a rare and aggressive brain tumour.

It all started when Zane began to walk funny the week before Christmas, prompting his parents to take a quick trip to the GP. It was here that they were given the distressing news – that their beautiful eight-year-old son had Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an extremely rare and aggressive childhood cancer which kills about 20 Australian children a year.

Zane has been given an average of nine months to live, during which he will deteriorate at a rapid rate.

However, there is hope. The incredible young boy has qualified to get into an American trial but there’s a problem – they need to raise enough money to get him there, and he needs to also be fit enough to travel after six weeks of radiation, which he started this week.

They need to raise $300,000 and desperately need your help.


“We want to give Zane his best chance of survival and quality of life by accessing these new drugs through overseas clinical trials or on a compassionate basis,” Zane’s parents explain.


“This will be costly, but it is our hope.

“We would also like to donate any funds not required to improve Zane’s prognosis and quality of life, and to much needed research that will help other children and their families combat this horrible disease.”

Every little bit counts!

Click here to contribute to little Zane’s GoFundMe page. 

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