7News Queensland presenter Kendall Gilding has become the subject of debate… and it’s over the colour of her dress!

On Wednesday, the Kendall took to her Instagram account to share a photo of the outfit she wore that day. In fact, she pointed out the colour of the dress specifically.

“Wednesday in White,” she captioned.

“Living for this dress – the smooth lines, lapel collar detail, divine fabric, the freshest of white!”

However, some of her 13,000 followers disagreed with her description, suggesting the dress was actually blue.

“It looks blue,” one user wrote.

“Definitely blue but beautiful,” another added.


“Could be white in the blue background,” a third said.

After seeing the confusing comments, Kendall posted another photo of the outfit – this time in the 7News studio against a different background. It’s quite the optical illusion!

“For everyone debating whether my dress was white or blue,” she said with a laughing emoji.

“Here’s a photo in the news studio!”


Did we just have Australia’s new ‘Gold Dress’ moment? We think so!