We’re all at home in isolation. We’re all feeling a little bored and thinking up new ways to entertain ourselves.

You think, ‘Wouldn’t this be a good time to freshen things up with a DIY paint job?’


Well, we guess it’s not wrong. Isolation is a great time to paint that room you’ve always wanted to or change up your wooden furniture with a lick of paint.

But before you pick up the brush, let me just tell you, it’s not all fun and games and as easy as it might look.

I found myself in this exact position over the weekend. I’ve had these wooden chairs sitting around that would look perfect in the pool area after a bit of a clean up.

So I thought, why not use this spare time at home to get it done? Turns out there’s many reasons why… And that’s mainly because, well, if I’m honest I have very little patience. And what I didn’t realise is that this is a task that needs a LOT this quality.


So if you’re thinking of picking up the paint brush while practicing your social distancing, and like me you’re not the most patient of sorts, then read these five honest things that you need to know about painting first.

You might be better off just grabbing a book or chucking on some Netflix to pass the time…

1) It will take LOTS of time and you’ll probably get over it before you finish

Literally this is not a quick job, hence why someone with little patience got a tad over it quicker than anticipated. And well, the following points will probably explain why this isn’t a job you can knock over in a couple hours.

2) Sanding is the absolute worst but has to be done

I’m no painting expert, but I do know that if you want your paint job to look somewhat good you have to sand the surface first so that it’s all smooth. Now if you’re painting something like a chair like me, you’ll soon realise that this has a LOT of different surfaces, meaning lots of sanding.


Not only does this take a long time to do, but damn it’s a killer workout on the arms! You’ve been warned.

3) One coat is never enough

When it comes to the actual painting part of the process, this isn’t any walk in the park either. You can’t just slap on the paint and hope for the best. You have to do multiple coats in order to achieve the best result and literally you will hate painting by the end and wish you never started to begin with.

Not only that, but you have to be very aware of your brush strokes so that they’re all moving in one direction and don’t cause streaks. Who would’ve thought painting could get so tedious!

4) If you’re doing it with someone, it will likely cause arguments

“You spilled paint on me!” “You missed a spot!” “My painting is better than yours”


All things you’ll likely yell at the person you plan on doing your painting with and more. It’s not really your fault or their fault even. Your patience is already wearing thin and so you’re obviously going to start to take it out on each other.

Just remember, it’s only paint! You can get through this! But you will feel like this a lot of the time:


5) The prep/clean up efforts take forever too

So turns out you have to prepare a whole area to paint in so that you don’t spill said paint on anything but the object you’re painting. Not only does this add more time to your task, but then when you’re finally finished paining and you think you’ve reached the finish line, you have to clean it all up!

The paint brushes, the drop sheets, not to mention your own hands which will be covered in paint by now… It feels endless when all you really want to do at this point is sit down with a glass (or the whole bottle) of wine.


So yeah, if you think you can withstand all of that then go for it! Paint until your hearts content! But if you’re lacking in patience just like us, we might have just saved you a real headache.

Also, we didn’t realise we could say the word “paint” so many times in one article… That’s gotta be some sort of record.

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