Yesterday, we challenged our listeners to caption a candid image of Mike Hammond and Jimmy Barnes in an intense conversation. 

From suggestions like “Can you get jonesy out of here he sounds like a injured cat” and “Run mate, because the last plane outa Sydneys almost gone”, the responses just kept getting better and better.

Here were some of our favourites:

Allison Major: “Over there they are selling cheap wine by a friendly three legged goat!”

Jenny Potter: “I told you before you are not cute enough to be my backup singer”

Shane McDermott: “Get in the Back seat and shut up – if i hear you again your walking home.”

Wendy Wild: “You look like the bloke that gave me my last haircut! So you know where you can go.!!!”


Raymond Taylor: “You’ve gotta be Kidding Buddy How the Hell can you say that Jonesy is a Better singer than me The gate is that way !!”

Kelly Conwell: “If you’re going to ask me to eat oranges in the shower, there’s the door”

Jan Murphy: “What in the hell are you waiting for. Everyone has gone that way to the pub.”

Sean Carmody: “Tell them they’re screaming!”

Shaz Kreger: “I told U Mike I wanted a large big Mac meal with the coke cup”

Karen Anderson: “Well, the last plane out of Sydney’s almost gone….”


Colin Clarson: “Not a hammer mate I said a COLD CHISEL !!!!”

Brittany Ward: “Get back to the radio station and play my music”

Jane Napier: “Can you believe Jonesy wants to join the band??”

Ronnie Palazzi: “Mike my love song dedication was for Jayne not for James!!”

Jennifer Hextell: “Hit the road mate! And dont come back here again!!”

Judith Kelly: “Hello, when am I getting announced on stage to perform? Where is “Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome, Jimmy Barnes with Cold Chisel”?


Kazz Clissold: “Who said im not a working class man !!”

Adam Hocking: “Far out! How long does it take to get an UBER round here!”

Barry Butterfield: “Hey this is my gig not yours BOOT OFF”

Grahame Ross: “Did you fart Jimmy Yeah but it was way over there, it must’ve followed me”

Craig Cook: “You have a cheap wine and a 3 day growth”

Don Mitchell: “For F### sake Elton John’s Concert is next Stadium over!!”


Meg Maastricht: “You got nothing I want, you got nothing I need!”

Debra McLaren: “No use STANDING ON THE OUTSIDE (looking in) Hammond”, “the CHEAP WINE is over there!”

Our personal favourite: 

Natalie Muir: “Well if you don’t like it why are you standing there for 20 minutes”

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