What is it about 90’s movies making comebacks this week?

First we heard the exciting news about the cast from Four Weddings And A Funeral getting back together, and now this!

The films stars Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney and Rupert Everett have reunited after 22 years.

The 1997 rom-com revolved around Julianne (Roberts) trying to sabotage the wedding of her best friend Michael (Mulroney) and his fiance, Kimmy (Diaz), after she realises she’s in love with him.

Now they are all back together for a special cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly


Aussie director P.J. Hogan has also revealed how he filmed the classic scene where Cameron Diaz’s character performs at a karaoke bar.

“We staged it as a real karaoke song, where the lyrics appear in front of you on all the monitors,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“So I shot it live. Cameron just botched her way through the song, and the worse she got, the better the scene was. But then Cameron was so game that the applause started to become real.”

Diaz added:


“I was terrified to do that scene, for real. I allowed the true terror of singing in front of people to be alive in me,” she said.

“I wanted to run and hide, and Dermot kept me there. He said, ‘you can do it, you can do it’.

“In the scene I’m just staring at him the whole time because he’s looking at me like, ‘you’re okay. You’re not gonna die’, and I was like, ‘but I’m dying’.”

Julia Roberts spoke of how she immediately fell in love with the script.


“I just thought it was really clever and just funny,” she said.

“All the physical comedy I loved.

“Lots of falling down and falling through things, falling all over myself, falling over Dermot.”

Originally, the film actually finished with Julianne finding love with another wedding guest, played by Sex and The City star John Corbett.

But the ending wasn’t popular at test screenings, so a new ending was filmed featuring Julianne and George dancing at the wedding reception.

“The focus group didn’t want Julianne to have a happy ending. They still hadn’t forgiven her,” Hogan said.


“They just weren’t ready for her to end up in the arms of another guy. I thought the answer was George, because the film really worked when Rupert was on camera. Rupert and Julia’s chemistry is so great.”