A young mother in England has died after foregoing medical treatment in favour of a vegan diet. 

Katie Britton-Jordan was diagnosed with stage 2a triple negative breast cancer in July 2016.

Despite doctors insisting it was treatable, she refused a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – instead opting for a holistic approach.

“I feel really fit and well and I’m still able to work and look after my daughter. My diet, which involves mainly raw fruit and vegetables, has really helped,” she wrote on Facebook. 

“If I had chemo, I think I would be almost bedridden. I have seen friends have chemotherapy and they are affected for life by it. It’s horrible.”

As well as her diet, she used iodine rich brown seaweed, raw turmeric, black pepper capsules and hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.

Her husband broke the news of her death on social media.


“It breaks my heart to be writing this but on Saturday 25th May, Katie, with the same grace and strength she handled herself through life, peacefully passed to the next.

“She was surrounded by family and friends and shrouded with love.”

“I know some people may have their own opinions on what Katie should or should not have done but whatever that is, it does not alter her bravery and dignity over the last 3yrs,” he said.

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