An extremely kind-hearted schoolboy in China has spent three years giving piggybacks to his disabled best friend. 

Zhang Chi, 19, has muscular dystrophy, a disease that affects skeletal muscle and makes it almost impossible to walk. His best friend Xie Xu, 18, has been carrying him for the past 3 years to make sure he doesn’t miss any lessons.

He carries him to and from school everyday as well as around the corridors of the high school.

The Vice-Principal Guo Chunxi of Daxu High School has hailed the boys story as “inspiring.” 

“They aren’t family but Xie has been doing this for three years.”

In reference to Xie he said “He’s the most beautiful student.” 


Apparently Zhang has never missed a single class. In fact both young men are hard-working students and are at the top of their class. 

Source: Metro

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