Having trouble breaking it off with your honey?

Your prayers are answered with a new service that will do the dirty work for you.

The brainchild of Melbourne woman Kristy Mazins, Sorry It’s Over charges $5.50 for a custom-written text or email sent to your partner to tell them you’re through.

You can also have it done by phone ($12), snail mail ($13.50) or in person ($66), and if you want to send flowers it’ll set you back $77, with two messages you can choose from.

Or if you want to go the full nine yards and console your former lover, who’s probably devastated you couldn’t face up to them yourself, you can deliver the sympathy hamper for $90 – that comes with wine, chocolates, tissues, a written affirmation and a serving of peanuts. Because nothing heals a broken heart like peanuts.


“It’s never easy to separate, so let us do your dirty work,” the Sorry It’s Over website reads.

“It’s tiresome when you have had enough of your partner. You have to make up some reason why you don’t want to be with them any more. Then you have to decide how to deliver the news.

“Why look them in the eye and watch the hurt? No one wants to deal with all that screaming, sobbing, begging and emotional pleas of ‘just one more chance’.”

No word yet on how successful the service has been so far.

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