Ever since ‘Cheer’ hit Netflix, the Internet has become obsessed with one of the most hardcore sports – Cheerleading. From reeling over injuries during practice to crying over emotional moments, viewers simply can’t get enough.

The squad the documentary follows, Navarro College, have become celebrities in their own right. Honestly, after those painful rehearsals, they deserve all the praise in the world.

Netflix managed to take us on the whole journey towards the NCA College Cheer competition in Daytona, Florida… except the moment we had all been waiting for.

We didn’t actually get to watch the team perform on the big stage. Well, at least not in HD.

The doco managed to catch bits and pieces, but if that wasn’t enough for you to absorb the two-minute long performance, we have good news. The FULL routine is finally on YouTube!

The footage wasn’t taken in Daytona but still shows all the tumbling and flying we saw on TV. Look at Lexi goooooo!


Season 2, anyone??

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