Home and Away fans have been left disappointed after its unexciting season finale. 

The Aussie soap is known for its dramatic, cliff-hanging finales, but unfortunately, the show’s final episode of 2020 did not go off with a bang.

In the episode, which was promised to end on a cliffhanger, the show teased a possible new romance for Jasmine, a glimpse at Kieran’s dark past, a passionate night shared between Ziggy and Tane, as well as Colby’s encounter with dangerous inmates in prison.

Fans were disappointed at the result.

“I’m very disappointed with the finale this year. False advertising, everyone made it sound like something big was going to happen and then nothing happened,” one fan wrote on the show’s official Instagram page.

“Worst finale ever and I’ve been watching since in started in 1988,” somebody else wrote.

Another added, “What a crap ending, normally Can’t wait until next year… but now? Nah”


Fellow fans agreed, admitting: “Worst season final ever! Was hoping for a more exciting cliffhanger but we didn’t get one. Certainly hope the 2021 season return is better.”

Did you watch the finale? What were your thoughts on it? Were you disappointed?

Damn you, 2020!

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