If you were in Sydney in the 80’s no doubt you visited Wonderland with your family more then a few times.

The iconic rides like the Bush Beast and Space Probe were a job for kids growing up in the nineties – and even into the early 2000, until closing its doors on April 26, 2004.

Wonderland Sydney, originally known as Australia’s Wonderland opened its doors on December 7 1985 and was actually the biggest theme park in the Southern hemisphere.

Now, more than 10 years since the original park closed, self made property developer Ammar Khan dreams of re-opening the park – and he’s just received the financial backing to do it. In fact, it’s going to be even BIGGER than first planned!

According to a report on the Daily Telegraph, Indian oil company Fox Petroleum Limited (FPL) will invest $1 billion dollars over five years for stage one, which includes Sydney’s Wonderland, a wildlife park and a water park connected by a multi-themed ‘boulevard’ with hotels, cinemas, restaurants and entertainment facilities, Mr Khan announced today.


An ambitious stage two will follow with sporting, live music and convention venues.

So, where will the new Wonderland be? The exact location is yet to be decided, but is due to be finalised in the coming months. Word is that Western Sydney Theme Park plans to build, own and operate the precinct.

The Daily Telegraph report states that once a site has been secured, a proposal will be formally lodged with the State Government.

So why is Mr, Khan so invested in seeing a Wonderland revival?

“I worked there for nine years, up until it closed, and even tried to approach big business to keep the park alive,” he said.


“I vowed to bring the park back, not just as a desire but a life-consuming obsession.”

Excitingly, David Bakas is joining the board of management – and he comes direct from Disney in Orlando,

You can expect to see stage one completed in around three years. Yippee!

Source: Daily Telegraph

Images by unknown artist via Daily Telegraph