Following a frustrating interview with Belle Gibson, a disgraced wellness blogger, An Australian magazine editor has proven Gibson’s age and her lies. 

Helen McCabe, Editor of Australian’s Women’s Weekly told B&T the evidence of Ms Gibson’s date of birth – October, 1991 – was provided by her mother just prior to Bell admitting to the magazine that she never had cancer. 

In the 60 minutes interview, Ms Gibson could not confirm her age, saying she had grown up to always believe she was currently 26. 

Ms McCabe told B&T “It was hard to get to the bottom of what is true but we checked her birth certificate and she’s definitely 23-years-old. We also saw her school reports.”

Ms Gibson claimed she had cancer, three heart operations, two heart attacks, a stroke, had died on the operating table and was throwing up blood. Her Wholefoods approach to life ‘cured’ her and many of her followers believed her story. Some even stopped their cancer treatment believing Belle’s wellness approach would heal them. 

In April, Ms Gibson admitted in an Australian Women’s Weekly article that she never had cancer. 

However on Sunday night in the recent 60 minutes interview on Channel Nine, Ms Gibson claimed two doctors diagnosed her with cancer. 


There is now a petition encouraging Ms Gibson to donate her payment received for the channel Nine interview (thought to be around $45,000) to cancer charities. 

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Source: DailyMail

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