Laina Morris was just 20 years old when she entered a Justin Bieber contest and swiftly became a viral sensation.

The competition called for Morris to upload a Youtube clip to the tune of his hit single ‘Boyfriend’, but to alter the lyrics so it could be renamed ‘Girlfriend’.

Cleverly, Morris wrote her version from the perspective of an obsessive girlfriend with wide eyes, giving off a crazy vibe.

She admitted that the filming of the video took a few takes to get the perfect amount of ‘crazy girlfriend stalker’, and while she missed out on winning the competition (boo!) she won the heart of the internet.

Just 24 hours after uploading it, Laina’s clip had been viewed over one MILLION times.

“When the video had 52 comments, I remember thinking, ‘I don’t have 52 friends who are gonna take the time to comment on this,” Morris told Refinery 29.


“‘Who are these people? I don’t know these people.’”

Her face went viral, and she soon was dubbed as “The Overly-Attached Girlfriend”. What followed was an onslaught of memes, and big business for Laina.

The opportunity has seen her working with advertisers like Kia Soul and even appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, she had no idea what she wanted to do in life until social stardom came her way.



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