Let’s face it – who doesn’t love hearing stories about people meeting celebrities? Are they as nice as they appear in interviews? What did you talk about? How do they look in real life? The questions are endless!

While you might expect the odd actor or singer here and there, you don’t expect your celebrity experience to be with royalty, let alone Princess Diana!

“I was visiting London some years ago and I had a small baby with me that was crying and needed to be changed,” WSFM listener Gail from Como recalled to Jonesy & Amanda.

While in Harrods of London – which was undergoing major renovations – Gail asked staff where the mother’s room was, and was directed to the designer level.


“I raced up to two women standing there… and said, ‘Can you please tell me where the ladies room is,'” she explained.

“They told me to go around the corner, and they were fussing over my daughter.  Anyway, I’m looking at her and as I walk away I went, ‘Don’t I know you’?


“And it was Princess Diana!”

Isn’t that incredible?

Hear the full story above!

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