A woman who fought off a would-be rapist using her karate chops has urged women to take up martial arts training.

Taela Jade Davis, 25, was attacked by a man near her home in Melbourne’s south east earlier this monht, in broad daylight.

The man surprised her from behind, tackling her and punching her in the head before pinning her to the ground – but he almost certainly wasn’t prepared for her to fight back.

“I thought, ‘I don’t want to be another statistic of a female who gets attacked when they’re out’ and I made the decision then to fight back,” Ms Davis told the Daily Mail.

“I managed to get one of my legs free and kick him with my knee and was able to make him lose his balance and kick him off me. Then I turned around to run away and he grabbed my ankles.

“I turned around and tried to get my body weight behind me and I punched him in the face and made his nose bleed… He grabbed both my arms so I couldn’t hit him again so I ended up head butting him, which was really painful, but with my karate training we are told to find an opening.”


Ms Davis then kneed him in the groin and ribs repeatedly, before a passerby noticed the scene and the attacker fled.

She took to Facebook to share her story, urging other women to train themselves up in martial arts to defend themselves in similar situations.

Photo: Nine News

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