Many of us with pets treat them like members of the family. We wouldn’t trade our furry friends for anything – and getting in some snuggle time with them just makes it even sweeter.

Well, for one woman, her experience with her precious cat wasn’t so sweet.

According to a report on Toledo News Now, Janese Walters woke up one morning and wasn’t able to see out of her left eye.

Prior to this, she had no symptoms, no warning – she was perfectly healthy. Her doctors were as stumped as she was.

Then, when Walters revealed that she had a cat, it clicked – and her doctor returned a surprising diagnosis.

They discovered she had a ‘cat scratch’, which is a disease from bacteria passed through the saliva fur of felines.

Anything that is exposed to the cat’s mouth, including if you have a little scratch that the cat licks – that’s how you can get it,” said Dr. Kris Brickman.Dr. Brickman says only about 40 percent of cats carry the bacteria, which isn’t harmful to them, but can be to humans.


“It can affect the eyes, because what it does is increases blood vessels that creates problems – called antinomies,” Brickman said. “It can also cause some liver problems and can get into the spinal fluids and create meningitis.”

Note: As mentioned, this is INCREDIBLY rare, so don’t fret too much. Only around 40 per cent of cats carry the bacteria – and it’s preventable if you wash your hands after playing with your kitty. It’s just good to be aware and keep your beloved cat away from any scratches you’re aware of!

Source: Toledo News Now

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