Ever since Snezana, who has affectionately been called, ‘Parmigana’ walked up to Sam in episode one of The Bachelor, we knew there were sparks flying between them.

His eyes lit up looking at her beautiful face and feminine curves – and the physical attraction was very, VERY evident.

Throughout the series, Sam maintained an honest, very passionate bond with Snezana, enjoying food, wine – and a love of star wars.

Even during group dates, the connection between them was very evident. More than that, they just LOOKED good together.


Of course, what set Snezana apart from the other girls was that she had a little girl, Eve.

What Sam had to consider was whether or not he was ready to take on a father-type role to Snez’s little girl – many thinking it was too much for him to handle.

The other thing that weighed in Sam’s choice was Snezana’s location, she and Eve are based in Western Australia – a long way away from Sam’s hometown of Melbourne.

But, love will prevail and as Sam says, ‘it’s love, we’ll make it work.’


Of course, the whole decision hinged on how much Eve liked Sam, as we saw when Sam took the top four girls to home visits, where he met Eve and received a grilling from her. She asked him questions like, ‘why do you like my mum?’ and ‘what is the capital of Macedonia?’

Luckily, he passed!

Congratulations, Sam and Snezana!